Reiki Training Weekend Intensive: Dates to be announced soon

Reiki Weekend Training Intensive

You will learn in this training the history of Reiki, the Reiki symbols and how to use them on yourself and others. You will be attuned to ALL three levels: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level for Mastership.

This training is an intensive, deep immersion that will include some gentle yoga, meditation, discussion, practice and attunements. I will be using Nan Seedman's system of Intentional Reiki, based on the Usui system.

Reiki is an ancient art of healing the body through the Universal Life Force (Prana or Chi), using a light, gentle hovering of the hands or sometimes light placement of hands on yourself or person being healed. Emitting a gentle current of energy from Universal Divine source in order to bring one's body, mind and soul into health and harmony. Creating a sense of peace and well being that will assist each person on their journey toward healing. Reiki is often used to assist cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation and often relieving those patients of anxiety, nausea and other side effects associated with such treatments. Reiki is a complimentary form of healing, to any medical conditions or treatments you may be undergoing and is a positive and non invasive way to assist anyone who is in need, by bringing that person to feel more peace and in a restful state where healing can easily take place.
Reiki is also used to heal animals, plants and to raise the vibrational nutrition of foods and beverages we ingest. Reiki crosses space and time, thus it is useful for healing from a distance. There are no limits to where reiki can be utilized for good, for love, for healing.

Training will include:

• Intro to Reiki History• The Chakra's and Anatomy• The traditional Usui Reiki symbols plus my personal sacred power symbol• Hands on Full Body Treatments both given and received• Distance Healing• Basic Marma Point Instruction and how to use during a Reiki session• Some gentle yoga, meditation to keep you centered and grounded• Attunements to Level 1, 2 and Master Level 3 Reiki all at once• You will receive certificate of completion plus your own training manual

You will also learn basic, Thai Sen Pressure Points (Marma), to utilize in your healing practice. This is unique to my training and as a bonus, I am offering it as an extra tool to enhance your healing work.

The Reiki immersion is filled with lots of practice drawing of symbols, hands on energy work and attunements. Level 3 is the Master Attunement. This is the final and most powerful of the experiences. You will be able to pass on the tradition and teach Reiki to others and heal at the soul level. Are you ready to take your healing work out to the world which is in much need of healing

Pre-registration is required and you may secure your spot by emailing me:

Space is limited to 8 trainees so RSVP Soon!

Energy Exchange: $450.00 for all 3 Levels (1, 2 &3) in ONE Weekend!

The vibration of our time is HIGH and we ARE Capable of receiving all 3 attunements at one time. Dr. Usui NEVER used levels when attuning his students. Levels came in after Dr. Usui passed away, and his work was taken over by his assistant, Dr. Hayashi, who kept the lineage of Dr. Usui, but formatted the teachings in his own way. Which is where the idea of teaching Reiki in levels came from. It was not taught that way originally by Dr. Usui, and is not necessary.

Full Reiki Weekend Intensive Includes ALL 3 Attunements. Level 1 will be given on the first day. Level 2/3 will Be given on the Second day together and often incorporates the level 1 attunement again.
You must take the whole training, even if you are already attuned to level 1 and/or level 2.

Cost of this training: $450

This training is intense and you will be attuned to level 1 before the training begins. And then again to all 3 levels at one time during a beautiful meditation ceremony after completion of our physical training and discussions. You will never require a “touch up” or further attunements just because you haven’t used it in a while or you somehow feel disconnected. Re-attunements can be done with me, no charge, if for any reason you feel a deep need for it.

Reiki Trainings of this magnitude and quality can range from $250 or more per level, to $3000 just for the 3rd level Master Attunement. With my system, the belief and truth, is that Dr. Usui received his attunements, all at once, and THEN developed hand placements and used his intuition and divine guidance to teach others the same way. All at once. Not breaking it into parts, slowing down your process of learning by placing limitations on how fast you can learn, nor withholding information for profit. The Nan Seedman System is truer to Dr. Usui’s original way and only asks for a small monetary energy exchange to pass on the lineage. The amount covers materials, instructors time and any over head costs for renting space to teach.

• If you are already attuned to Reiki level 1 and 2, or just level 1, you will need to take the whole weekend, of this training to receive the Level 3 Master Attunement! Unless , you request a private one on one session at an additional charge.

• You must commit to and attend the entire workshop.
• Training book provided and certificate of completion is given after Master Attunement.

To Be announced Here Soon!

**Please be prepared to possibly stay an additional hour later or leave an hour earlier for each workshop. End time is approximate and will be dependent on number of attendees and time taken to discuss and practice.

Please come prepared and bring lunch and snacks for Saturday & Sunday

I am available to teach at other locations, email me with your request and dates.